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19 Jan 18
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ILG Elite Sports platform exciting new portal design

We are very excited to finally be able to share our new portal design for the ILG Elite Sports Platform.

Our team of developers and designers have been squirreling away in the depths of ILG HQ creating a new look portal that’s easy to use and furthermore, with great design.

One of the new features of the portal is that clubs, teams and players can create their own bespoke dashboard. By dragging and dropping the different features that you would like on the homepage of your portal, making it bespoke to your needs. Whether you use Team Feed, Calendar or Notes features in your day to day processes you can now have those featured on your dashboard so you have a shortcut to them.

There is the ability to not only to view these features from the dashboard but also use them directly from here. As we understand how little time there is for day to day processes this will free you up to concentrate on the important stuff. The dashboard also gives you the ability to have an overview of what’s happening with your team and day without the need to open different features.

You can also resize Dash Board items. This allows you to have your most used feature more prominent on the screen. Each Dashboard item can be resized, just press the cog button at the top-right of each item and select ‘Resize’ to make the item single or double view.

Further Customisation:

You can arrange your Dashboard to suit your need if you click and hold-down on the top bar of a Dashboard item you can drag it around and place it where best suits you.

The other noticeable change is the Activity Feed, Messages and Contacts section.  You will now find these to the right of the screen. The automatic default is the Activity Feed which shows you activity on the portal, messaging will show you the latest Notifications and Messages you have sent or received. Selecting a person will bring up a chat box at the bottom of the screen, you can have as many of these open as you like. Contacts will show you all the Coaches and Players on the Platform. They all will have an online indicator next to their name which shows if they are online or not. Green for online, grey for offline.

We are constantly developing and creating to improve our products as we appreciate that you want the best and save you time so you can concentrate on being the best!

Please contact us on 03332 400800 or email for more information.