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05 Sep 17
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Drones have landed at ILG!


ILG Business Ltd are very excited to announce a new feature of the Elite Sports Platform which enables a user to upload footage from the Drones directly into Pro Review. This means that footage can be analysed through our video analysis tool – Pro Review, allowing the user to use our drawing tool and notes function with the footage. Tags can also be applied as well as creating Playlists.

The ability to film clear footage from a different perspective is of huge benefit to sports teams so here at ILG it made sense to link up our Drone to the ILG Elite Sports Platform. We have two models of Drone; The DJI P3 and the DJI P4 with a variety of features – see below:


DJI P3, 2.7k camera drone + extra battery and back pack.

  • 7k/12-megapixel camera
  • Integrated 3-Axis stabilisation gimbal
  • Live HD view via Wi-Fi
  • Easy to fly, intelligent flight system
  • Dedicated remote controller
  • Powerful mobile app w/auto editor
  • Up to 25 mins flight time
  • Spare battery, which gives you an extra 25 minutes flight time
  • Easy to carry back pack which is padded to protect the Drone and has plenty of compartments


DJI P4 Pro, 4k camera, + extra battery and back pack

  • Crash risk is reduced with automatic 5 direction obstacle avoidance
  • Professional level photography with 1 CMOS image senor camera, shooting 20mp images
  • Shoot video in 4k at 60 fps, or 1080 at 120fps which is perfect for slow motion
  • 30 mins flight time
  • Spare battery, which gives you an extra 30 minutes flight time
  • Outstanding range, live HD video from up to 4.3 miles away
  • Maximum speed 44mph (72MH)
  • Forward, backward and downward vision sensor
  • New transmission system, dual compasses and IMU modules for unparalleled reliability

Drones are leased to clubs on a 24 month contract which includes a spare battery, back pack and onsite training/set up (were possible).

Please call us on 03332 400 800 or email to hire your drone today and start analysing your teams footage through the Pro Review analysis tool within the app.